Spy II

The Spy II is a simple to use, wireless, portable alarm system that interfaces with a user's existing radio system. The user can record two distinct messages into the system. Each message is associated with one or more sensors. The appropriate message is broadcast over the radio when wireless sensors are activated. Optionally, one message can be broadcast over a wireless local speaker alerting the perpetrator that he has been spotted. The sensors can be placed up to 1,000 feet from the Spy II. The Spy II comes with a motion detector, door/window contact, tilt sensor, and panic button. Entry and exit delays allow access into and out of the protected area without setting off the system.

The Spy II is perfect for applications such as domestic violence, convenience stores robberies, church vandalism, unauthorized access, vehicle theft, and school playground safety. The Spy II takes only minutes to learn and setup and is compatible with virtually all radio systems.

Key Features:

  • Setup and use in minutes
  • Cost effective for all departments
  • Multiple wireless sensors may be programmed per zone (2 individual zones and user recorded messages)
  • The second message can be broadcast locally over a speaker
  • Runs up to 1 week on a single battery charge (rechargeable battery)
  • Compatible with virtually any radio system including UHF, VHF, and 800 MHz trunking systems, including digital and narrow band

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